Lo nuevo de Dullpain - Incarnation of Life

Dic 23 de 2014

Lo nuevo de Dullpain - Incarnation of Life

Official Music Video of the single "Incarnation of Life", of the Colombian Death Metal band Dullpain - 2015

Video Oficial del sencillo "Incarnation of Life" de la banda colombiana de Death metal Dullpain - 2015

Irrelevant, small creation
Undeserved, ignorant creature
They want him to be, as great as they are
Magnificent, splendid, gorgeous

Mortification, the hardest challenge
Rising again, from burning fire
Resurrection, coming back to life
You’ve reached the end, and you still want more

You’re selfish and ambitious
And you just take for granted
Everything turns around you
Just keep on dreaming foolish

But nothing is forever
The truth will be revealed
A blaze will burn your spirit
Due to incarnation of life

The good you do
The people will always forget
And in the end, you’ll realize
Is not between you and all them
Is by yourself yeah!